Master Key Systems

Melton Locksmiths specialise in the supply and install of Lockwood Registered / Restricted Key Systems to your home or business premises. A Restricted Key System allows you to have total key control for your keys (meaning only you can get them cut.) Restricted keys supplied by Anytime Locksmiths will only be duplicated with your signature authority.

Melton Locksmiths offer various levels of security with our registered systems to suit any situation.

It is recommended that when moving into a new shop / commercial premises that restricted locks are installed to ensure maximum security and complete key control.

Lockwood Generation Six

A system that is secure and convenient. With a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs, providing the perfect balance between security and convenience.


Lockwood keying systems allow great keying system design flexibility to meet your individual master keying requirements.


The stylish Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system key shape design is easily recognisable, featuring colour inserts for quick recognition of individual keys which can be combined in the colour coded key identification scheme of your choice.

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Lockwood Twin

High Security Keying

Effective security of your premises depends largely on control of
access to keys. The Lockwood Twin™ high security restricted keying system achieves a very high level of key control while also providing increased physical security over basic restricted keying systems.

Key Control

Lockwood Twin introduces a new era of key control, from the factory, through a select Dealer Network, to your door.

Legal Protection

Lockwood Twin is afforded two independent forms of legal protection, to best ensure protection against unlawful manufacture and distribution of key blanks and cut keys.

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